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At Louis Plung & Company we work with a variety of industries, providing comprehensive accounting and business advisory services. Of course, our experience is not limited to those industries listed below. Rather, this is an introduction to industries with which we specialize, and an example of our scope. Please contact us about your particular business to learn how Louis Plung & Company can meet your particular needs.

Captive Insurance

Captive insurance companies were traditionally established as a solution for very large corporations to self-insure themselves against a variety of known and unknown risks... > Learn More


The growth and development of construction companies depends on many factors, such as a stable marketplace, bonding and financing opportunities, and smart tax planning, among other factors... > Learn More

Employee Benefit Plans

Benefit plan audits are a niche practice, and can present different and unique challenges to the auditor. Louis Plung & Company currently performs more than 30 benefit plan audits... > Learn More


We work with a variety of manufacturing companies, ranging from multi-state corporations to locally based operations. We focus on complete strategies for our clients... > Learn More


Many nonprofit organizations over the past three years have been faced with tightening government regulations, declining donations, and the need to do more with less... > Learn More

Professional Services

Professional services are a unique business in that profitability is driven by delivering exceptional client service. Especially for small to mid-size operations... > Learn More

Real Estate Development

Real estate development is a multi-faceted, complex business involving many layers of project management in the development, ownership, operation, and sale or reuse of real estate assets... > Learn More


Louis Plung & Company has been serving retailers almost since the firm’s inception in the 1920s. Some of our retail clients started out as small, family-owned operations, and we have seen them grow to large, multi-million dollar market leaders... > Learn More

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distribution is an industry that adapts to change like no other. From developing and perfecting supply chain management, to integrating technology into smart, efficient customer-oriented functions... > Learn More