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Captive insurance companies were traditionally established as a solution for very large corporations to self-insure themselves against a variety of known and unknown risks. In recent years, favorable tax treatments have made it possible for other entities to take advantage of the same benefits.

Louis Plung & Company is a government-approved auditor to captive insurance companies in Hawaii, Guam, and St. Lucia. In our role as independent advisor to family trusts, closely-held partnerships, and large corporations, we help our clients by:

  • Performing financial statement audits
  • Planning and preparing federal and state income tax
  • Consulting on various matters, including structuring the captive, liquidation, dissolution, reorganization, and technical accounting issues
  • Cost segregation studies to maximize depreciation deductions

Client Snapshot

We perform audits and prepare taxes for family and corporate insurance captives. Family captives typically have a well thought out estate plan for multiple generations. Captives are helpful when individuals in the family also have business interests to protect for the next generation. Our corporate captive clients are large, multi-million dollar companies with operations and interests nationally and abroad. They utilize the captive to help the company manage risk for known and unknown liabilities.



Our professionals who specialize in Captive Insurance are:

Richard Fischer

Richard Fischer

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Joseph C. Zovko

Joseph Zovko

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