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In addition to our experienced staff and unrivaled expertise, Louis Plung & Company utilizes advanced technology to ensure client satisfaction and optimal efficiency. The technology we posses is extraordinary compared to firms of equivalent size. Our in-house resources include:

  • IDEA software;
  • ProfitCents software;
  • Paperless tax and audit procedures; and
  • Secure file-sharing.

IDEA Software
Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis (IDEA) is a data extraction software that can quickly and efficiently analyze large data files. This process is commonly referred to as data mining. IDEA works with most data file types such as Excel, Access, and PDF. IDEA assists with fraud detection and analysis, as well as litigation support.

ProfitCents Software
ProfitCents is a financial analysis suite that calculates ratios, benchmarks, performs projections and forecasting, loan analysis, estimates company value, and prepares a plain language narrative of a company’s performance. ProfitCents is used for valuations to produce value estimates, industry data, and intelligence.

Paperless Tax and Audit
By employing a paperless system whenever possible, Louis Plung & Company maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste. Advanced software allows us to maintain and produce tax and audit documents in an organized and timely fashion. We believe our clients deserve stress-free service, and our paperless system helps us facilitate that experience.

Secure File-Sharing
Confidentiality is of the utmost importance at Louis Plung & Company. When our clients entrust us with sensitive information, we are able to guarantee their privacy by relying on secure file sharing systems. All data is stored in several layers of security within the firm's server, which requires user authentication. In addition, we have a ten-year retention on all electronic files in the Engagement and Document platforms, and the servers are backed up nightly.  All this ensures client files are kept confidential and information is protected.