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Film Production

In Pennsylvania, qualified film projects can receive up to a 25 percent tax credit, and in 2013 alone more than 300 projects were approved. In order to receive the tax credits, however, production companies must complete and file a project audit within 120 days after production ends.

Whether the project is a feature film, television series or commercial, or somewhere in between, our team of professionals can assist production companies and film producers in all stages of filming, from applying for tax credits, monthly reporting during production, and the post-production audit.

Specific services include:
•    Budget preparation
•    Cash flow projections
•    Cost reporting functions
•    Estimation of accurate final costs
•    Assistance filing the state tax credit application
•    Entity structuring

•    Monthly reporting
•    Help understanding local tax and payroll codes

•    Preparation and filing of tax returns
•    Project audit (more than $100,000 in tax credits)
•    Agreed-upon procedures (less than $100,000 in tax credits)
•    Filing for, transferring, and/or selling tax credits

We have experience with film projects both in- and out-of-state and have worked with independent producers as well as seasoned production companies. Please contact us for a quote.

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Richard Fischer

Richard Fischer

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